# Install Dependencies

The okta-dac and byob-dashboard projects will need to install custom serverless components within AWS and also refer to entities defined within the Okta tenant. These projects leverage terraform and serverless to setup all the infrastructure as code.

# Install Terraform

Terraform is used to setup Okta.

See installation instructions here for your operating system: https://learn.hashicorp.com/terraform/getting-started/install.html

# e.g. Mac OS X homebrew:
$ brew install hashicorp/tap/terraform

# Install Serverless

Serverless is used to setup AWS.

See installation instructions here for your operating system: https://www.serverless.com/framework/docs/getting-started/

# e.g. Mac OS X via npm:
$ npm install -g serverless

# Install AWS CLI

AWS CLI will be used by serverless to deploy to AWS

See installation instructions here for your operating system: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/userguide/install-cliv2.html

# Enable Programmatic Access to AWS

To enable programmatic access to AWS within terraform and serverless, you will need to create an IAM user with sufficient admin privileges.

Log in to the AWS account where you plan to host the BYOB artifacts and navigate to the IAM Service.

AWS IAM Service

Click on Users

AWS IAM - Users

Click on Add User. Make sure to check Programmatic access as the access type.

AWS IAM - Add User

Click Next: Permissions

In Set Permissions, select Attach existing policies directly.

Select the Administrator Access policy as below:

AWS IAM - Admin Access Policy

Click Next: Tags

Optional: Create a tag with key okta with value byob

AWS IAM - Tags

Click Next: Review to review the user configuration.

AWS IAM - Tags

Click Create user.

Once the user is created, you can download the csv with the Access Key ID and Secret access key.

AWS IAM - Credentials

# Create Named Profile in AWS CLI

The terraform and serverless scripts will use credentials defined in the named profile serverless-okta.

Using the credentials - Access Key ID and Secret access key from the previous step, configure an aws profile with the following command:

serverless config credentials --provider aws --key  <AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID> --secret <AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY> --profile serverless-okta

For more info about the above command see cli-configure-profiles.

You can verify the presence of the named profile in the .aws/credentials file.

cat ~/.aws/credentials

See the terminal console output below:

AWS Named Profile - Credentials

# Enable Programmatic Access to Okta

To enable programmatic access to Okta within Terraform, you need to do the following:

Log in to Admin dashboard of the Okta tenant. Make sure to login as a user with sufficient privileges to create entities like Applications and Authorization Servers

Navigate to Security -> API -> Tokens

Okta Security - Tokens

Create a Token. You can name the token Terraform Token.

Okta Security - Create Token

Make sure to copy the created token. This will be used in terraform.

Okta Security - Token Created

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